About the Ministry

Dear All,

Welcome to the virtual home of the Ministry of Health. We are very hopeful that here you will find all necessary information. We would like to draw your attention to the useful health tips,  to encourage you to express your opinion in the survey, and to read the recommendations how to avoid the flu – this is a really wide range of  relevant information, which will help you to take a better care of your and your family’s health!

We would also like to bring to your attention the free number of the Ministry of Health. Dialling 8 800 66 004 you will get answers to the questions that you are interested in, share the information, for example, about the cases of corruption and unsatisfactory work of health care institutions. We are waiting for your opinions and ideas – in order to share them you can both, write to the general e-mail of the Ministry: [email protected], or to the management of the Ministry using the contacts provided here.

We, employees of the health care system, and You have a common challenge: to ensure smooth functioning of the health care in Lithuania. To achieve that we need to make new decisions and restore the previously proven elements. However, what we need most is the willingness to change and knowledge how to implement the changes. For that purpose we have organise a professional team, and with your confidence we will revive the health system of Lithuania!

Last updated: 03-12-2023