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2015 12 10
National Contact Points geared up to answer cross-border healthcare questions

By Xavier Prats Monné, Director-General of DG Health and Food Safety, European Commission The ultimate goal of the Cross-border Healthcare Directive is to provide all EU citizens with equal access to quality healthcare, responding to their specific needs. Whether that means seeking a second opinion in another Member State or taking a child ...

2015 11 12
European Organ Donation Day pays tribute to donors and raises awareness

By Ana França, National Transplant Coordinator, Portuguese Institute for Blood and Transplantation Transplantation is one of the greatest medical successes of the 20 th century and is often the only effective treatment for terminal organ failure. But it is only possible to save lives through transplantations if there are enough organs to transplant. ...

2015 10 30
Refugee crisis: "Noble words need to be followed by concrete action"

By Martin Seychell, Deputy Director General of the European Commission Directorate for Health and Food Safety: "The continuing arrival of refugees in Europe is an unprecedented challenge for many Member States and calls for solidarity across the European Union. EU President Juncker has identified the refugee crisis as the immediate priority of action in ...

2015 10 22
Showcasing top three initiatives in fight against Ebola

The Ebola outbreak was the first challenge that I had to deal with when I entered the office almost one year ago. Together with Commissioner Stylianides, I went to the affected countries - Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. We stayed only for a few days but not only we saw but also felt what was going on. I could only imagine what it was to fight this deadly disease on the ...

2015 10 12
Ensuring that safe surplus food reaches those in greatest need

By Isabel Jonet, President of the European Federation of Food Banks: In the EU, around 90 million tons of foods are wasted yearly (2006 estimate), while 55 million people suffer from food poverty. Health-EU newsletter 160 – Focus

2015 09 25
Half a century of European pharmaceutical legislation

By Fernand Sauer, former Director of the European Commission - Directorate for Public Health and former Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency Patients require quick access to safe, affordable, effective and good quality medicines. We now celebrate fifty years of European pharmaceutical legislation aimed at therapeutic innovation. Health-EU newsletter ...

2015 09 17
Lithuania confirms no restrictions on entry, stay and residence for people living with HIV

Relevant provisions of the 2011 UN General Assembly Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS, the European Convention on Human Rights and EU legislation adhered to in the Republic of Lithuania VILNIUS / GENEVA, 17 September 2015—The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the World Health Organization Regional ...

2015 09 15
European Union Reinforcing Its Struggle Against Cancer

Health-EU newsletter 158 – Focus By Dr Tit Albreht, National Institute of Public Health of Slovenia I am happy to announce that the print version of the European Guide for Quality National Cancer Control Programmes has just been produced and will lend a special tone to the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the Europe Against Cancer Programme under the ...

2015 09 02
65th Session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe: Vilnius, Lithuania, 14–17 September 2015

Health ministers and high-level representatives of the 53 Member States of the WHO European Region, partner organizations and civil society, will take part in the sixty-fifth session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe, to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 14-17 September 2015.

New online system cuts red-tape for Health Programme applicants
2015 07 23
New online system cuts red-tape for Health Programme applicants

by Jacques Remacle, Head of Health Unit, Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency The 3rd EU Health Programme was adopted in March 2014, and simultaneously, a completely new online system was introduced to make applying for funding through the Programme easier and the whole procedure - from the submission of applications to the signature of ...

2015 06 29
As the EU Grows, So Do Our Public Health Responsibilities

By Martin Seychell, Deputy Director General for Health, Directorate General Health and Food Safety, European Commission   Over the last 50 years the European Union has grown from 6 to 28 Member States and the accession process continues today with 5 candidate and 2 potential candidate countries: 500+ million EU citizens with many more knocking on the door.

EU Health Award for NGOs fighting Ebola is launched!
2015 06 29
EU Health Award for NGOs fighting Ebola is launched!

The European Commission is proud to present its new EU Health Award, which this year will call for applications from non-governmental bodies that were at the forefront of the fight against Ebola.    

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