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Stricter rules imposed to control COVID-19


2020 03 24


March 24. As of today, stricter measures are imposed to control coronavirus infection at all groceries and supermarkets, according to Aurelius Veryga Health Minister, Head of the State Level Operations of Extreme Situations.

During the quarantine, all visitors should have an opportunity to disinfect their hands at the points of entry, shopping trolleys and shopping bags should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

Supreme measures are recommended to protect grocery and supermarket staff by installing plastic panels between cashiers and clients, other protective equipment to be provided. Trading companies must make sure that the distance between staff members is at least 2 meters.

Visitors should be encouraged to pay by cards rather than cash. From now on, the ban on shopping in supermarkets for more than 2 individuals at a time comes into effect, family members have to go shopping by one.

The Ministry of Health continues discussions with trading companies to ensure maximum safety for staff members and clients, which means the recommendations can be revised and updated.


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