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Secret shoppers can already visit pharmacies


2018 07 16


The Ministry of Health (MoH) and the State Medicines Control Agency remind that pharmacies may already be visited by so-called secret buyers who will carry out control purchases and check that medicines are delivered to pharmacies properly in the event of complaints. This novelty has been set aside for half a year, in order to properly prepare for it by all parties.

The main purpose of control purchases is to monitor and ensure that medicines are marketed to patients following the set requirements. Also, do people have opportunities to choose cheaper medicines, thus helping them to save money. This novelty came into force in November, but pharmacies were granted a transitional period during which all irregularities were to be removed. So from now on, if discrepancies are detected, pharmacies may be penalized for violations of the current order.

Infringements in pharmacies can be reported via e-mail or toll-free phone 8 800 735 68.


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