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It was decided how to avoid drug shortages in the event of disruption of their supply


2018 07 16


The Seimas adopted amendments to the Law on Pharmacy proposed by the Minister of Health Aurelijus Veryga, which will allow the acceleration of the issuance of permits for the supply of registered medicinal products in non-Lithuanian package. In this way, it will be insured that in the event of termination of the supply of medicines to Lithuania, it will be possible to avoid their shortage.

According to Minister A. Veryga, unfortunately, but still there are situations where for one reason or another, the supply of medicines is disturbed. In such cases, the patients suffer the most because they simply cannot buy the medicine they need and are forced to use other, often much more expensive medication.

‘From now on, some of the excess administrative procedures will be abandoned, due to which drug registration processes was longer. The issuance of an authorization to supply medicinal products in non-Lithuanian packaging will be shortened from 10 to 7 business days. This is a rather big step in protecting people from high costs for medicines, in cases where their supply is disturbed’, says Minister A. Veryga.

Additionally, the criteria for authorization have been revised, which will prevent from disturbances of the supply of compensated medicines in the event of a shortage of Lithuanian packaging. So from now on, if the supply of medicines to Lithuania is disturbed, it will be allowed to temporarily supply medicines in non-Lithuanian packages, and patients will not be required to buy medicines from another manufacturer at full cost.


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