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Isolation can be permitted at places of choice


2020 03 26


After the meeting of the Situation Management Committee of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, new decisions and some changes were announced by the State-level Emergency Operations Chief regarding isolation requirements of people who came back to Lithuania from abroad.

The individuals who refuse to accept and sign under temporary isolation requirements; those, who have no suitable place for isolation or non-Lithuanian citizens, will spend 14 days in premises prepared by the municipalities.

All people returning to Lithuania will be screened and tested for coronavirus infection at the border checkpoints by mobile brigades and later will be informed of the test results. Municipal transportation will be provided to all who have no transport of their own and those, who will be transported to isolation sites.

The municipal isolation sites will be located in hotels, recreation and social or other premises, where each person can be provided with a separate living room with a separate sanitary unit (or one sanitary unit for two rooms). All individuals will stay by one in a room while families can stay together in one room.

Municipal premises must have necessary furniture, inventory, utensils, cleaning and disinfection means, waste containers, bedding and facilities for collecting unclean clothing when laundry is not possible.

Municipalities will also be responsible for providing high quality and proper meals (including those with special needs, such as those with diabetes, allergies, etc.), as well as delivering essential supplies (medicine, hygiene items, clothing) or allow relatives to provide.

Those who want better conditions than the municipality can provide, will be able to rent for extra charge a hotel room or other accommodation that the municipality has a contract with.

Those who are already in isolation will be able to continue in their chosen place if the premises are suitable and people are properly separated from each other. They will also have to sign a statement that they agree to isolate and comply, otherwise they will be fined. Only those who have not previously breached the containment requirements and public order, will be able to continue isolation at their chosen location after testing them for coronavirus infection.


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