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Higher salaries for medicinal personnel


2018 05 14


The Ministry of Health (MoH) together with trade union of medical workers have signed an appendix to collective agreement of Lithuanian national health system (LNSS) branch,  which provides for specific actions towards increase of salaries of medicinal personnel. This appendix to the agreement accounts for introduction of ‘a bottom’ of salaries, therefore salaries of all medical specialists with the lowest salaries will increase and will not be allowed to be lower than it is provided in the appendix. As of 1 May the fund of salaries have increased by 20% or 99.5 million EUR.

This agreement has been signed by the Minister of Health Aurelijus Veryga and the Vice-president of Lithuanian Doctors Union Laimutė Vaidelienė, the Chairman of Lithuanian Health Care Professionals Trade Union Aldona Baublytė, the President of Lithuanian Nursing Specialists Organization Danutė Margelienė, the Chairman of Lithuanian Pharmacy Specialists Trade Union Lina Ganatauskienė, the Chariman of Medical Institutions Staff Trade Union Solidarumas Jolanta Keburienė.       

According to the Minister A. Veryga this step has been subject to responsible preparation and the agreement adopted with the community of medical staff will not be changed, while all health institutions will be obliged to increase salaries and pay them as it was agreed with the community of medical staff.

‘Salaries of medical staff will increase for all specialists providing medical care services, but the highest increase will be applied for medical staff with the lowest salaries. This appendix to the agreement evaluates the lowest possible amount of the main salary, which could not be lower than 1000 EUR (bruto) for doctors, and in case of nurses and midwives with the higher university education – not lower than  700 EUR (bruto)’, – said Minister A. Veryga.

Currently, the system of salaries in health institutions over the country is very diverse. In some institutions doctors earn less than 1000 EUR, while in others – more than 2200 EUR (average for year 2017 – 1376 EUR). Salaries of nurses in some institutions do not reach 500 EUR, while in other – nearly 800 EUR for full time job (average for year 2017 – 621 EUR).

With the increase of base price of health care services or by allocating additional resources from the  Compulsory health Insurance Fund (PSDF) for covering services, respective amount should be allocated for the increase of salaries of medicinal personnel.   

It is planned than up to second half of 2020 the salaries of doctors should be at least 3, ad in case of nurses 1.5 of average national salary. Last 2016 and 2017 years salaries of medicinal personnel in average increased by 8%.