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Births at home are officially legalized


2018 07 16


The Seimas approved the amendments to the Law on Nursing Practice and Midwifery Practice, which regulate maternity at home. Henceforth, nurses and midwives are given more rights and responsibilities so that they can take birth at home, when there is no threat to both mother’s and the newborn's health. So far, this area has not been clearly regulated and those who wanted to have a baby at home encouraged ‘illegal activities’.

‘It is a pleasure that the project with so much attention has finally been adopted. This is very important because people are giving birth at home, this is a reality, it is their right to choose. This can not be ignored, therefore, the state must clearly define the rules that must be followed to ensure security. Therefore, soon it will be possible to provide quality services to all mothers who have decided to have a baby at their own home’, says Minister A. Veryga. Its is also important to note, that parents will have to cover the expenses for giving birth at home. While the state ensures and covers high quality birth services at treatment institutions.

According to Odeta Vitkūnienė, the Head of the Nursing Coordination Division of the Ministry of Health, who are temporarily performing chancellery, the order valid till now prevented from high quality birth services at home.

‘For example, general practice midwives were not yet able to provide patients with medical assistance on their own, and they had to be immediately transferred to hospitals. In order to provide the necessary services for a pregnant women, it was necessary to enable the medical staff to provide such assistance. The approved project provides for midwives to ensure medical assistance if maternity is at risk. If pregnancy is risk free, midwives will be able to take birth at home, assign and prescribe the necessary medication’, says O. Vitkūnienė.

It is important to know that not all births can be accepted at home, first of all those that are not at risk. In order to protect future mothers and their children, in cases where a pregnancy has a risk factor, birth will have to be taken in treatment facilities.


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