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2020 06 17
Lithuania’s revised list of coronavirus safe countries

Lithuania’s revised list of coronavirus safe countries becomes effective on Wednesday. High incidence of COVID-19 (coronavirus infection) will continue to prevent arrivals to Lithuania from Portugal, UK and Sweden.

2020 06 17
The list of countries most affected by COVID-19 includes 45 countries

Isolation is optional yet recommended for those returning or arriving from 45 countries on the list of the countries most affected by COVID-19.

2020 06 16
Lithuania is still closed for arrivals from Portugal, UK and Sweden

From 15 to 21 June, due to high incidence of COVID-19 (coronavirus infection) Lithuania will prevent arrivals from Portugal, UK and Sweden. Foreigners arriving from Belgium will be required to stay in isolation for 14 days. Lithuanian citizens can return to the country from all the countries but those arriving from the above-mentioned countries will fall subject ...

2020 06 11
A revised list of Coronavirus safe countries

Lithuania has published a list (effective 8-14 June) of countries from which arrivals will be allowed given the mandatory self-isolation. It has also been decided that, due to the high incidence rate, foreigners arriving from Sweden, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Portugal will not as yet be permitted entry. Foreigners from Belgium and Ireland will be ...

2020 06 11
Most deaths from coronavirus had chronic diseases

According 1 June data, 70 deaths from coronavirus were recorded in Lithuania (COVID-19) – 33 men and 37 women died. Major risk factors that complicate the chances of surviving coronavirus infections are age and chronic diseases.

2020 05 28
Relaxing lockdown rules

Given the current epidemiological situation, the Government has decided today to continue under the lockdown until 16 June 2020 while further easing the restrictions. The amended Resolution provides for an increased number of spectators in events, and longer working hours for restaurants, cafes and other catering establishments.

2020 05 15
Joint Statement on Public Health Measures Regarding Control of COVID-19 in the Baltic States

Desiring to announce the further co-operation between Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, hereinafter referred to as the Baltic States;

2020 05 12
Experts warn: false information on COVID-19 on social media spreads fast

Military experts report growing flow of disinformation on management of coronavirus and urge residents to stay alert and critical of conspiracy theories spread on social media by malicious individuals.

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