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A special network of help with defibrillators will be established in Lithuania


2018 07 16


The residents of Lithuania will be trained to provide first aid to a person with a sudden death, in the presence of acute cardiovascular diseases and injuries, and to use an external auto defibrillator and to stop the bleeding with special tools, turnstiles. Such trainings will take place in 35 municipalities of the country, and thereafter these municipalities will acquire a special support network with 120 defibrillators and stopping of bleeding tools.

Such plans will be implemented by the Ministry of Health (MoH) using the support of the European Union (EU) - after receiving more than 2 million EUR funding for the project ‘Implementation of Healthcare Measures in the Target Areas’. The project will be implemented by the Centre for Health Education and Disease Prevention.

During this project, 6000 Lithuanian residents who have completed their training and at a later stage - and volunteers will be connected to the network and will receive information about an emergency event taking place nearby through special mobile apps. Thus, they will first rush to the emergency area and provide first aid, and, if available, will use the defibrillator nearest to the emergency area. Each of the defibrillators will be connected to the Ambulance (GMP) station and will automatically send an alarm to the medical staff. An effective system will allow starting giving first aid to a person within the minimum possible period before arrival of professional medical practitioners.

According to the Minister of Health Aurelijus Veryga, this is a big step forward in the health care system, because so far such special points with defibrillators in our country have been lacking. As of next year, they will be more accessible and there will be more opportunities to provide the necessary assistance to people.

The importance of the training provided for in the project is justified by the alarming statistics of myocardial infarction alone. According to the Hygiene Institute, more and more young people become ill with myocardial infarction in Lithuania, premature deaths occur from the age of 25. In 2017, more than 1,000 people died of this illness.


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