• 1. Dear Ministry of Health of The Republic of Lithuania, My name is Anastasiya Kurinnaya, I am a pharmaceutical student from Moscow and I am interested in differences in process of selling drug products in Lithuania and Russia. Recently I have read that there is a specific list of non-prescription drugs those could be sold outside the pharmacies in the supermarkets, petrol stations and etc from the 1st of January 2019 in Lithuania. Could you please tell where I can find this list of оtc drugs? How does the list is regulated? What are the criteria’s for the drugs to be included to the list? Thank you in advance for your answer. Best regards, Anastasiya

      Updated: 2020 04 08

    • 2. What happens when a new influenza virus is discovered?
      Influenza viruses are constantly evolving and changing. They are regularly changing their structures through genetic recombination. Some of these modifications are minor – and are called drifts. The constantly changing nature of influenza viruses is the reason why people are required to have an influenza vaccination every year, vaccines from previous years do not necessarily offer protection because the influenza strains have evolved; annual vaccination is necessary to ensure that the strain used in the vaccine is close to the strains that circulate and cause infection. When a major genetic change, a so called shift, occurs in one or both of the influenza A virus surface proteins hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA) no one has immunity to this then new virus.
      When such a new virus is discovered there are some important steps to be taken by researchers and public health experts like investigating the virus structure to be able to start developing a vaccine and performing tests to determine whether and which antivirals can be used for treatment. Furthermore, it is important to determine the infectiousness of the virus, to investigate how fast it is transmitted, how long the incubation period is and to know the disease severity.
      Such information and early detection of cases is important for implementation of rapid public health measures to prevent and control the spread of the virus. In this respect efficient international coordination and collaboration is key and ECDC works together with the European Commission, partners in the EU Members States and international partners such as the World Health Organisation and the Unites States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

      Updated: 2016 03 11

    • 3. How do experts know when there is a new influenza virus?
      A new influenza virus can not be identified from the very beginning due to lack of appropriate tests for it. A first suspicion of an influenza A virus may be raised when not all components can be determined, for example with the current A(N1H1) virus experts started to consider it being a novel virus when laboratory tests could identify the virus as type A but couldn’t identify the sub-type. Furthermore, the suspicion of a new virus can be triggered by more severe or untypical clinical presentation of a disease but the final confirmation comes only after complex laboratory investigations performed by specialised laboratories comparing the genetic information of the virus with that of known viruses.

      Updated: 2016 03 11

    • 4. Hello ! My name is Doctor Frederic ADAM ! I'm working now in estetic-medicin , in a my laser-medical center ( here are the site adress : www.centre-laser-annecy .com ) . I often went in Vilnius , and i'd like to install me in this city for my activity ! i'm interested to know what kind of formalities i must do to work with my activity in Vilnius ? Knowing that it is not a problem for me to meet you if i must meet any contact in your administration ! Thank you by advance for your informations about my project ! Dr Frederic ADAM
      Dear Mr. Adam Frederic,
      We would like to thank you for your question and for your intentions to work in our country.
       Please, contact directly Ms Nijole Bieliniene or Mr Jonas Battlingas (Health Care Resources Management Division), their contact information you could read there:
      Best regards
      Information Service
      Ministry of Health

      Updated: 2015 09 11

    • 5. What is the maximum level of vitamins and minerals authorized in the food supplement ? Have you positive and/or negative lists of plants and substances with physiological effect in the food supplement? Is lutein synthetic authorized in food supplement?
      Dear Mr Gohin,
      Thank you very much for your question. We would like to reccomend you to contact the State Public Health Service under the Ministry of Health, which is incharge of this field.
      Best regards
      MoH Information

      Updated: 2015 09 14

    • 6. I am a doctor, worked in Lithuania till 2006 and now need the letter of good standing. I live in England.How can I get it?
      Dear Svetlana Marchuk,
      Thank you for you question.
      Please, contact directly Ms Virginja Karaliute–Zulinene from the Personal Health Care Department
      Health Care Resources Managemnt Divion, who is in charge of this area:
      Best regards
      MoH Information

      Updated: 2015 09 17

    • 7. Dear Sir/Madam I am a dermatologist with 12 years experience. I have graduated from Belarus State Medical University in Minsk. I currently live and work in Belarus. I am interested in attendance of dermatology course in Lithuania and I would appreciate if you could refer me to a right person to discuss of such a possibility further, as I believe that it exists. Kind regards Dr. Barabash
      Dear Dr. Barabash,
      Thank you very much for you question.
      We would strogly recommend you to contact directly
      Personal Health Care Department
      (Jonas Bartlingas or Audronė Dragūnienė)
      Best regards
      Ministry of Health of Lithuania

      Updated: 2015 09 11

    • 8. how to become a registerd nurse in lithwania for overseas nurses
      Dear Sir/Madame,
      Thank you very much for your question.
      Please, contac directly State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health, which is in charge of these issues.


      Best health regards
      Information of the Ministry of Health


      Updated: 2015 09 11

    • 9. sir my name is induchoodan still i am working as a staff nurse in india , i would like to work in lithwania but i dont know how to become a registered nurse in lithwania as per the lithwanian laws so could you please send the exact details in order to aviod a cheating by some agencys here
      Dear Sir/Madame,
      Thank you very much for your question.
      Please, contac directly State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health, which is in charge of these issues.


      Best health regards
      Information of the Ministry of Health


      Updated: 2015 09 11

    • 10. Hello. My name is Lidiya, I live in Belarus, and I'm a physician. My friend has a grave disease: primary pulmonary hypertension, she is thirty one, and was diagnosed three months ago. So my question is it possible to undergo pulmonary transplantation in your country, what is needed to be done to sing in, what is the price of the procedure? best regards. Lidiya Tarasenko.
      Dear Ms. Lidiya,
      Thank you for you question.
      It is difficult to say something concreet.
      We would like to reccomend you to visit Lithuanian specilaists and to speak with them directly.
      The best way is to contact Vilnius University Hospital Santariškių Klinikos (VUH SK), which is one of the major academic diagnostic and treatment centres, the tertiary multi-profile personal health care services providing institution in the Republic of Lithuania.
      Or one of the private clinics:
      Best regards:
      MoH information

      Updated: 2015 09 01

    • 11. Laba diena, prieš 1.5 metu man buvo diagnozuotas krūties Ca.Gydymas truko apie 11mėn.Maždaug kas trys mėn . važiuoju sveikatos kontrolei i Vilniaus onkologinį. Norėčiau sužinoti ar man priklauso nemokami tyrimai vežinėms ląstelėms nustatyti šeimos gydytojo kabinete?

      Laba diena,

      Dėkojame Jums už klausimą.
      Atsakydami į Jūsų elektroniniu paštu pateiktą klausimą, informuojame, kad po onkologinės ligos gydymo dėl pacientų tyrimų ir jų apimčių konsultuoja ir nusprendžia gydantis gydytojas onkologas.
      Vėžio žymenų tyrimai nepriklauso šeimos gydytojo kompetencijai, todėl jų negali atlikti šeimos gydytojas.

      Pagarbiai, Dalia Miniauskienė
      Gyventojų aptarnavimo skyriaus vedėja
      Šiaulių teritorinė ligonių kasa
      Vilniaus g. 273, 76332 Šiauliai
      Tel. 8 700 88 8888
      Ligonių kasos – sveikųjų ir sergančiųjų garantas – užtikrina apdraustųjų sveikatos priežiūrą, kompensuodamos jos išlaidas, skaidriai ir efektyviai naudodamos lėšas


      Updated: 2015 09 03

    • 12. Sir I am registered pharmacist from india. I want to work as a pharmacist in lithuania .can you guide me the procedure for the same.

      Dear Bhpander Sharma,

      Thank you very much for your question.
      We would like to inform, that you are welcome to contact directly the State Health care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health]

      Best regards
      Ministry of Health information

      Updated: 2015 09 02