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Project "Development and Implementation of the Child Health Monitoring Information System for Systematic Monitoring of the Children’s Health Condition and Purposeful Health Policy Making"


Project results achieved

About the project

Project code – NOR-LT11-SAM-01-TF-01-001

Project promoter – Institute of Hygiene

Amount of grant assistance and co-financing is 1 770 540,00 Eur

Project implementation – June 2014 – April 2016

According to the data of Health Information Center of Institute of Hygiene, 459 359 from 543 756 children (up to 17 year) were ill in 2013. 1 350 426 new disease cases were registered in 2013 (it means that 1 child was ill at an average of 3 times per year). In fact, childrens morbidity or incidence could be reduced by apropriate preventive measures, thus reducing direct and indirect expenditures of national budget of Lithuania. In order to assess the effectiveness of preventive measures and variations of incidence / morbidity in time and space, there is necessity to create a unified national child health monitoring information system (hereinafter – CHM IS). This information system will let to exchange information between Primary health care professionals and public health specialists. At present, primary health care professionals and public health specialists use the statistical form 027-1/a “Child Health Certificate” (hereinafter – form) in order to ensure the exchange of information about children’s health. The data from form are available only for public health specialists in particular municipality. There is no possibility to analise data in national level, or even to compare with other municipalities data of child health.

Project objective is to develop CHM IS and implement it for systematic monitoring of the children’s health condition and purposeful health policy making. CHM IS is intended for the analysis of preventive child health check-up and morbidity data by ensuring access to health data to a wider circle of specialists at the national and municipal levels and ensuring the protection of personal data. The data collected in the CHM IS will be useful for formation and implementation of health policy, for planning and implementation of effective preventive measures and for improving quality of public health services. After implementing the Project developed CHM IS will allow to monitor the country's school-age population health status changes, and children‘s health improvement decisions will be taken on the basis of objective and complete data collected in the CHM IS.

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