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Measure "Improving the accessibility and quality of youth health care services in municipalities by implementing the model for provision of youth–friendly health care services"



About the measure

The purpose of the Measure is to implement the developed model for provision of youth–friendly health care services (hereinafter referred to as “the Model”) in accordance with the needs of the municipalities.

Young person (youth) – means a person (persons) of 14–29 years of age.

Youth-friendly health care services – means a set health care services satisfying the needs of youth, which covers the services of treatment and prevention (including monitoring) of diseases and consulting services (also on social matters), including health education and training adapted to the needs of youth, and complies with the following criteria defined by the World Health Organisation:

  • accessible to youth – free or affordable, with easy registration or without registration, short waiting time;
  • non-discriminating;
  • guaranteeing confidentiality and privacy;
  • meeting the needs of physical, social and psychological health and development of each young person;
  • services should be rendered by competent staff;
  • safe environment meeting the needs of young people.

Model for the provision of youth-friendly health care services means the entirety of provisions encompassing youth health care (treatment, diagnostics, prevention and monitoring) and consulting services, defining the mission, vision, principles, goals and tasks of the system of services, covering the organisation, management and financing of the provision of services and of the motivation of healthy lifestyle in the forms most acceptable to youth as well as ensuring their quality and monitoring.

Priority areas of the provision of youth-friendly health care services:

  • strengthening of mental health;
  • promoting health diets, prevention of diseases relating to diet and physical activity;
  • prevention of traumas and accidents (avoided deaths);
  • improving sexual and reproductive health.

Applicants: municipal administrations.

Partners are legal entities (institutions, organisations or companies) registered in the Republic of Lithuania and/or in the Kingdom of Norway, whose activities must be related to the project activity (-ies).

Total budget of the measure: EUR 859.967,00

Project "Development of the model for the provision of youth-friendly health care services"

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Last updated: 04-11-2015