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Project “Healthy and smart youth of Ukmergė” contract was signed

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania announces that on 4 September 2015 the trilateral Project “Healthy and smart youth of Ukmergė” contract was signed.

Project code – NOR-LT11-SAM-01-K-03-001

Project promoter – Ukmergė district municipality administration

Project partners – Ukmergė district municipality public health bureau, Alliance of youth organizations of Ukmergė district “Apskritas stalas”, Public institution „Centre of youth leisure“

Amount of grant assistance and co-financing is 85 993,44 Eur

Aim of the project – to improve the accessibility and quality of youth-friendly health care services (YFHCS) in Ukmergė district municipality by implementing YFHCS provision model in accordance with the needs of Ukmergė district municipality young people.

While implementing the project:

  • YFHCS coordinating center in Ukmergė municipality public health bureau premises will be established;
  • YFHCS coordinating and case management function will be introducted and supported;
  • 4 Algorithms in priority areas of the YFHCS provision will be adapted and applied at the municipal level;
  • Youth health portal at municipal level will be administer;
  • various health-related activities for young people will be organized;
  • teamwork training which will help for representatives of various organizations entering the YFHCS model to solve youth related issues will be organized;
  • training for parents on the issues of teenage sexuality development will be organized;
  • free online access points via the Youth health portal and other websites of institutions providing health care or health improvement services will be created;
  • publicly available free exercise machines in public space will be established.
Last updated: 12-06-2016