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Project “Healthy youth – prerequisite to wellbeing of Plungė district” contract was signed

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania announces that on 3 September 2015 the trilateral Project “Healthy youth – prerequisite to wellbeing of Plungė district” contract was signed.

Project code – NOR-LT11-SAM-01-K-03-002

Project promoter – Plungė district municipality administration

Project partners – Plungė district municipality public health bureau, Non-governmental public organization “Krantas”, Bjerkreim kommune (Norway)

Amount of grant assistance and co-financing is 84 887,19 Eur

Aim of the project – to improve the accessibility and quality of youth-friendly health care services (YFHCS) in Plungė district municipality, by helping experts of health system and other sectors, and young people to orientate in diversity of provided services. The project will contribute to the Plungė district youth health promotion, will promote inter-agency cooperation between the institutions, which will help to solve young people health problems and take appropriate decisions. Expected benefits of the project in the long term – achieved and maintained the best possible youth health and well-being in Plungė district municipality.

While implementing the project:

  • YFHCS coordinating center in Plungė municipality public health bureau premises will be established (coordinating center will be equipped with all necessary equipment, methodological tools and youth health promotion measures);
  • YFHCS coordinating and case management function will be introducted and supported;
  • 4 Algorithms in priority areas of the YFHCS provision will be adapted and applied at the municipal level;
  • Youth health portal at municipal level will be administer;
  • various health-related activities for young people and teamwork training for YFHCS providers will be organized;
  • parent education about adolescent sexuality issues will be conducted;
  • publicly available free exercise machines in public space will be established.

In order to achieve best results, project will be implemented in a cooperation with other organizations which have work experience with youth – Public health bureau of Plungė district Municipality, Non-governmental organization “Krantas”. Furthermore, good practice interception of partner from Norway – Bjerkreim commune (municipality) – is also expected. By cooperating between partners more young people will be included in the project activities, therefore it is expected that this project will achieve a greater effect.

Last updated: 12-06-2016