Parental education on teenager sexuality education begins in Klaipėda

From February to March 2016, the Klaipėda city municipality's public health bureau organized meetings with pupils' parents in Klaipėda city municipality while implementing project “Implementation of youth-friendly health care services model in Klaipėda city municipality”. During the meetings advices on how to talk with kids about various sexual questions were shared.

Adolescence is a complicated period both for kids and their parents. At this age, young people undergo the formation of their sexual identity and become more interested in sex, so it's especially important that parents can provide their children with correct and specific information on this subject. Parents can best teach their children about important values, responsibility and confidence. This all becomes very important when discussing the correct formation of an adolescent's behavior. The way an adolescent behaves and what decisions they make in their sexual life is not just their own responsibility, but their parents' as well.

During the meetings, the public health bureau specialists introduced parents to the importance of sexuality education for adolescent health, the most wide-spread myths about sexuality among adolescents, and the most common mistakes made when communicating with young people. The goal of such meetings is not just to provide theoretical information about sexuality, but also to provide practical advice for forming relationships and communicating with teens.

Photos of the meetings

Last updated: 12-06-2016