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Measure "Improvement of the provision of health care services in schools and pre-school education institutions"



About the measure

Purpose of the Measure – to improve the provision of health care services in the institutions implementing pre-school and /or pre-primary school education programs (hereinafter – pre-school education institutions) and schools of general education or vocational training schools implementing primary, basic or secondary education programs (hereinafter – schools).


Eligible activities:


1. regular repairs of health office in schools / pre-school education institutions (hereinafter – health offices);

2. acquisition of health offices furniture and other equipment (equipment for assessing public health risk factors and the environment of a school / pre-school education institution, equipment for the development of healthy lifestyle skills, information communication technology means, methodical means) needed for health care purposes at schools / pre-school education institutions and included in the list of essential or supplementary equipment.

The total amount earmarked for the implementation of the Measure is EUR 2 436 320

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Last updated: 04-11-2015