Children at Marijampolė municipality's pre-school education institutions are enjoying sports equipment acquired

Children at the Marijampolė municipality's pre-school education institutions were presented with various sports and game equipment that were acquired while implementing the project “Improvement of health care services provision in school / pre-school institutions in Marijampolė municipality” under the 2009-2014 Norwegian financing mechanism Programme No. LT11 “Public Health Initiatives”.

During their classes, children played “Get ready, throw, start” and learned to recognize colors and numbers while they played. Various active relays were also held to improve their movement and posture. The children were very impressed by the so-called parachute. They made it billow like a sea, hid under it, rolled about and threw balls – everyone had a lot of fun. Children and their caretakers were thankful for the interesting and wonderful tools that will help them further encourage physical activity and maintain excellent emotional conditions.

Last updated: 12-06-2016