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Project "Development of the model for the Strengthening of the Capacities to Identify and Reduce Health Inequalities"


Project results achieved

About the project

Project code – NOR-LT11-SAM-01-TF-02-001

Project promoter – Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Project partners – Vilnius University, Klaipėda University and Institute of Hygiene

Amount of grant assistance and co-financing is 613 160,85 Eur

Project implementation – June 2014 – April 2016

The understanding of health is based not only of the absence of disease, but has a much broader social concept in which health is understood as a social process with a significant impact for the quality of life. In this concept health is important for well-being of individuals and society and a healthy population is a necessary condition for each state‘s economic productivity and prosperity. In general, health is one of the main indicators reflecting socio-economic changes in the society. Global trends leads to the general health improvement, but different groups creates different improvement rates which creates significant health disparities in national and international level. These differences are one of the major issues in both Europe and the world.

Project objective is to create the model of health inequalities identifiction, measurement and reduction according to the international and national experience, legal documentation (nacional or international) analysis, human recourses potential analysis and training programme preparation. During implementation of the project particular attention will be given for the intersectoral cooperation which is relevant in public policy making promoting health equity oriented towards the complex reduction od socio-economic inequalities in health. Furthermore, implementing the project administrative capacities of persons participating in the policy making and implementation in different sectors (health and other sectors contributing to health) and of specialists working in municipal public health bureaus in the field of reduction of social health inequalities and related fields of health equity will be strengthening.

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