Project promoters developing child health monitoring information system in Lithuania exchanged experience with Norwegian counterparts

October 21-24, 2014 representatives of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, acting as operator for Programme LT11 “Public Health Initiatives” of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009−2014 (hereafter – Programme), and representatives of Institute of Hygiene implementing the project “Development and Implementation of the Child Health Monitoring Information System for Systematic Monitoring of the Children’s Health Condition and Purposeful Health Policy Making“ went for a study visit to Oslo to get acquainted with child health monitoring practice in Norway.

This study visit was financed by the Bilateral Cooperation Fund under the Programme, which aims to strengthen bilateral relations between Lithuania and Norway by implementing the Programme.

During the meetings representatives of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norwegian Directorate of Health and NOVA research institute presented experience in child health monitoring, routine health check-ups for children, information on child health submitted to schools on routine basis, child health monitoring programmes, research on healthy lifestyle as well as child health related information systems and registers.

The study visit was the first initiative of the Institute of Hygiene in developing the bilateral contacts with Norwegian counterparts in the field.

Contacts established during the visit and willingness of Norwegian partners for cooperation will serve as start for bilateral initiatives in child health monitoring as well as in other related fields of the Programme.

Last updated: 12-06-2016