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Deadline for submission of Bilateral Cooperation Fund applications was extended and applications provision procedures were simplified

Deadline for submission of Bilateral Cooperation Fund applications for Measure B and bilateral cooperation activities implementation deadline were extended. Applications are accepted no later than till 1 March 2017 and bilateral cooperation activities should be implemented no later than till 30 March 2017.

Eligible applicants: project promoters, with whom project implementation agreements have been signed and project partners. Applications may be provided not only during the implementation of the project but also after the completion of the project (but no later than till 30 March 2017), while implementing activities related with the project.

This Bilateral Fund call for proposals is dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and experience as well as organisation of networking events between project promoters / project partners and entities in Norway (Measure B).

In order to simplify the Bilateral Cooperation Fund application procedures, paper applications were abandoned, i. m. filled in and signed application must be scanned together with the annexed documents and sent to the e-mail address:

Procedure guide and the annexes can be downloaded by selecting the links below:

Public Health Programme Lithuania – Procedure for use of Fund for Bilateral Relations

Annex 1 – Application form

Annex 2 – Evaluation table

Annex 3 – Activity report

Annex 4 – List of expenditures

Annex 5 – Request to reimburse study trip expenses

Call documents in Lithuanian

Last updated: 12-06-2016