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Bilateral relations


About Fund for Bilateral Relations

Strengthening bilateral relations between Norway and Lithuania is one of the key objectives of Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009–2014 Public Health Programme in Lithuania.

In order to achieve the goal of strengthened bilateral relations a separated Fund for Bilateral Relations is formed within the framework of Public Health Programme LT11 Lithuania, which is aimed at supporting bilateral initiatives (hereinafter referred to as Bilateral Fund). The total value of Bilateral Fund is 105.885 EUR.

Goal of strengthened bilateral relations will be achieved by implementation of joint projects and exchange of experience.

Funds of Bilateral Fund will be distributed by implementing the following measures:

  • Measure A (27% of the funds) is dedicated for search for partners from Norway prior and during the preparation of project applications, development of such partnerships, organisation of events and implementation of joint activities.
  • Measure B (73% of the funds) will be used for networking, exchange, sharing and transfer of experience and best practice between projects promoters / projects partners and entities in Norway. These activities can be implemented till no later than March 30, 2017.

Bilateral initiatives and their results may be used for preparation of the project application to the main Public Health Programme fund, to improve the quality or expand the scope of the on-going projects.

Expected bilateral activities: study trips and visits with the aim of sharing experience and best practice as well as bilateral meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences.

Activities should contribute to at least on of the following expected results and bilateral indicators:

  • closer cooperation (indicator: new partnerships);
  • shared results (indicator: new experiences adapted in carrying out Bilateral Fund activities in the other country);
  • improved knowledge and mutual understanding between Lithuania and Norway (indicator: articles on the relevant experience of one country published in the other country);
  • wider effects of cooperation (indicator: initiatives beyond the Bilateral Fund activities (planned/implemented events, meetings, cooperation networks, etc.) in which activity partners from both countries are involved).

Procedure guide and the annexes can be downloaded by selecting the links below:

Public Health Programme Lithuania – Procedure for use of Fund for Bilateral Relations

Annex 1 – Application form

Annex 2 – Evaluation table

Annex 3 – Activity report

Annex 4 – List of expenditures

Annex 5 – Request to reimburse study trip expenses     

Last updated: 10-01-2018