Previous, relevant experience

  • In 1994–1996, the Swiss Government granted 4.6 mln. Swiss francs in financial support to the Neonatology project. The funds were used for the procurement of modern medical equipment and staff training at the country’s eight largest hospitals providing perinatal and neonatal health care services. This created the preconditions for developing a new support system for pregnant and delivering women and neonates, helped to reduce neonatal, infant and perinatal mortality, and improved the qualification of the medical personnel.
  • In 1997–1999, the Swiss Government granted 4 mln. Swiss francs in financial support to the Pediatric Intensive C are a nd Pediatric A nesthesia project. The support funds were used to supply five Pediatric Resuscitation and Intensive Care Units and two Pediatric Anesthesia Units at the Vilnius and Kaunas university hospitals and Klaipėda, Panevėžys and Šiauliai regional hospitals with medical equipment, staff training and for the establishment of a transport system. This created the preconditions for the development of a new structure to provide care to severely ill children and a system for transporting children throughout the country and ensured qualified and safe care for severely and critically ill children.

Pictures showing medical equipment used at the hospitals for more than 20 years



Last updated: 14-04-2017