The updated list of countries for mandatory 14-day isolation upon return


2020 07 21


As of Monday (20 July), Lithuanian residents returning from Ukraine will no longer be required to stay in isolation for 14 days. This became clear on Friday, when the list of countries most affected by the coronavirus infection (the COVID-19 disease) was updated.

Mauritania, the Virgin Islands, and Guam have also been removed from the list of most affected countries; however, five new countries have been added: Croatia, India, Andorra, Namibia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The list takes effect as of Monday, 20 July.

Isolation is mandatory for those arriving from the countries on the list. The list applies to residents of Lithuania returning to Lithuania, and to the foreigners who have a permit to enter Lithuania.

Countries with the coronavirus infection incidence rate of 25 cases per 100,000 population over the last 14 days are considered to be affected countries.

Travellers returning or arriving from the affected countries included in the list are required to register within 24 hours by submitting their details to the National Public Health Centre. The same procedure applies to Lithuanian citizens returning from those countries and to foreigners with an entry permit.

The list of the most affected countries is subject to weekly updates in consideration of the epidemiological indicators in foreign countries.

1. Republic of Albania
2. Principality of Andorra
3. Argentine Republic
4. Republic of Armenia
5. Republic of Azerbaijan
6. Kingdom of Bahrain
7. Republic of Belarus
8. People’s Republic of Bangladesh
9. Plurinational State of Bolivia
10. Bosnia and Herzegovina
11. Federative Republic of Brazil
12. Republic of Bulgaria
13. Republic of Chile
14. Dominican Republic
15. Republic of Djibouti
16. Republic of Ecuador
17. Equatorial Guinea
18. Gabonese Republic
20. Republic of Ghana
21. Republic of Guatemala
22. Republic of Honduras
23. Republic of India
24. Republic of Iraq
25. Islamic Republic of Iran
26. Israel
27. United States of America
28. United Arab Emirates
29. Montenegro
30. Qatar
31. Republic of Kazakhstan
32. Kyrgyz Republic
33. Republic of Colombia
34. Republic of Kosovo
35. Republic of Costa Rica
36. Republic of Croatia
37. Kuwait
38. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
39. Republic of Maldives
40. United Mexican States
41. Republic of Moldova
42. Republic of Namibia
43. Sultanate of Oman
44. Palestine*
45. Panama
46. Republic of Peru
47. Republic of South Africa
48. Portuguese Republic
49. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
50. Romania
51. Russian Federation
52. Sahara Arab Democratic Republic*
53. Republic of El Salvador
54. Republic of San Marino
55. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
56. Republic of Seychelles
57. Republic of Serbia
58. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
59. Republic of Singapore
60. Republic of Suriname
61. Republic of North Macedonia
62. Kingdom of Sweden
63. Turks & Caicos Islands*
64. Republic of Cabo Verde

* Territories not universally recognized as states

Press Office of the Health Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania