Official: children in Lithuania will be vaccinated against type B meningococcus


2018 02 14


Minister of Health Aurelijus Veryga signed an order by which vaccines against type B meningococcus are to be included in the schedule for the preventive vaccination of children. The start of the vaccination is scheduled as of July this year.

Then vaccines will be given to the youngest patients who are 2 months old. A full round of vaccination will comprise three doses of vaccine – this means that the little ones will be vaccinated three times, free of charge. The first dose of vaccine will be given to 2-month-olds, the second one – to 4-month-olds, and the third one – to 12-15-month-olds.

According to Minister A.Veryga, Lithuania will be among the first countries in Europe to have started vaccinating children against type B meningococcal infection. Until now, such vaccines have been included only in the vaccination schedules of Ireland, the UK and Italy.

 ‘In Lithuania, meningococcal infections are rather frequent, and the vaccine that was created relatively recently is very expensive, therefore parents would often find it difficult to afford vaccination of their babies. For this reason, we were looking for solutions and I am very happy that they have been found, making it possible to vaccinate children who have the highest risk of getting infected by this treacherous disease’, says Minister A.Veryga.

The Ministry of Health reminds that as of the autumn of this year the vacc ination of children against the rotavirus infection will begin. This vaccine will be given to 2-month-olds and older children. It is estimated that about 600 thousand euros a year will be spent to acquire it.