Lithuania will participate in the EU projects for cancer prevention


2018 05 11

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On 2018 April 16 the project of the European Commission for the innovative partnership against cancer in the Member States of the European Union Joint Action An Innovative Partnership to Combat Cancer (iPAAC) was launched in Luxembourg.

The project aims to provide EU Member States with joint action to develop new methods for cancer control, with the help of which cancer prevention will be developed in the future, implementation of prevention programs for the oncological diseases, ensuring comprehensive treatment of oncological diseases, including genomics, ensuring cancer information registration. During implementation process of the project the experience of the EU Member States in the field of cancer control will be analyzed, used methods, approaches maps will be formed, good practices identified and recommendations to the EU Member States prepared. Analysis of the content of the national cancer control programs in the EU Member States and monitoring of the implementation of EU-based recommendations in EU Member States will be provided.

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania participates in the project with the partner Public Institution Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Clinics.

Lithuania will participate in four project working groups - WP5 Cancer Prevention, WP8 Cancer Treatment Challenges, WP9 Innovative Therapy, WP10 Integrated and Comprehensive Cancer Control.

Total 24 countries will participate in the project, project duration will be 3 years. European Commission has allocated 4.5 million EUR for the implementation of the project.