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2020 05 28
Relaxing lockdown rules

Given the current epidemiological situation, the Government has decided today to continue under the lockdown until 16 June 2020 while further easing the restrictions. The amended Resolution provides for an increased number of spectators in events, and longer working hours for restaurants, cafes and other catering establishments.

2020 05 15
Joint Statement on Public Health Measures Regarding Control of COVID-19 in the Baltic States

Desiring to announce the further co-operation between Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, hereinafter referred to as the Baltic States;

2020 05 12
Experts warn: false information on COVID-19 on social media spreads fast

Military experts report growing flow of disinformation on management of coronavirus and urge residents to stay alert and critical of conspiracy theories spread on social media by malicious individuals.

2020 04 02
Quarantine conditions to be tightened

The Ministry of Health is tightening the conditions of the quarantine in Lithuania to stop the spread of coronavirus infection and protect the population.

2020 03 26
Isolation can be permitted at places of choice

After the meeting of the Situation Management Committee of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, new decisions and some changes were announced by the State-level Emergency Operations Chief regarding isolation requirements of people who came back to Lithuania from abroad.

2020 03 25
The hot line will be enhanced by a team of doctors

The patients whose coronavirus (COVID-19) tests were taken at mobile points will be informed and consulted by a team of doctors on Hotline 1808. This procedure will ensure that infected patients will learn their diagnosis more quickly. It will also allow doctors to immediately assess information about the patient's condition according to their symptoms and decide on their future...

2020 03 25
More opportunities for psychological help to the public and to medical professionals

During the pandemic of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), psychologists of the mental health centers and emotional support lines will provide more accessible confidential psychological help to the public. A new voluntary psychological assistance initiative is also opening for medical professionals.

2020 03 24
Stricter rules imposed to control COVID-19

March 24. As of today, stricter measures are imposed to control coronavirus infection at all groceries and supermarkets, according to Aurelius Veryga Health Minister, Head of the State Level Operations of Extreme Situations.

2020 03 24
The Government has extended the transit period (Update)

On 22 of March the Government has decided to extend the transit period for foreign nationals to return home through the territory of the Republic of Lithuania until 26 March 2020, 12:00 a.m.

2020 03 24
Quarantine announced throughout the territory of the Republic of Lithuania (attached resolution)

To control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Government decided to declare quarantine on the entire territory of the Republic of Lithuania. The quarantine regime shall be effective from 16 March 2020, 00:00, until 30 March 2020, 24:00. Coronavirus Hotline - 1808.

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